A Partial Listing of Favorite Apple Varieties Grown at Brightonwoods Orchard

Apple Varieties
EARLY SEASON (July - August)
MID SEASON (September)
Americus Crab Blenheim Arkansas Black
Beacon Calville Blanc d'Hiver Ashmead's Kernel
Chenango Strawberry Connell Red Baldwin
Chestnut Crab Cornell Sour Ben Davis
Duchess of Oldenburg Cornell Sweet Blushing Golden
Early Blaze Cortland Braeburn
Early Wisconsin Red Cox's Orange Pippin Bronze Delicious
Gravenstein Davey Crispin
Jersey Mac DS-428 Criterion
Lodi Early Jon Enterprise
Lyman's Large Summer Empire Fireside
Melba Gala Gallia Beauty
Milton Golden Nugget Golden Delicious
New Yorker Graham Golden Russett
Oriole Greendale Granny Smith
Ottawa Grimes Golden Hubardtson Nonesuch
Prima Honeycrisp Ida Red
Quinte Jonamac Jonagold
Red Astrachan Keepsake Jonathan
Sweet Bough Kendall King David
Wellington Lakeland Lady Apple
Yellow Transparent Maiden Blush Liberty
Zestar Margil Macoun
  Marilyn's Delight Melrose
  McIntosh Monroe
  Missouri Pippin Mutsu
  Northwestern Greening North Star King
  Orenco Northern Spy
  Paula Red Peck's Pleasant
  Pink Pearl Pound Sweet
  Pound Red Delicious
  Priscilla Red Fuji
  Rambo Red Haralson
  Red Cortland Red Northern Spy
  Redmax Red Rome
  Smokehouse Rhode Island Greening
  Snow Rome Beauty
  Spartan Roxbury Russet
  Spurmac Spigold
  St. Edmund's Pippin Spitzenburg
  St. Lawrence Supergold
  Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) Winter Banana
  Tolman Sweet Yellow Bellflower
  Wayne Yellow Delicious
  Wealthy York Imperial
  William's Pride Winesap
  Wolf River  

We are NOT a pick-your-own orchard due to our larger trees and multiple varieties.

Harvest dates are dependent upon weather conditions and variety specific growing habits.

All apples are pre-picked and sorted. Apples are priced by the pound or in bulk. We accept cash, checks, and debit/ credit cards.

We grow over 200 varieties.