Cider Press

Cider apples are transferred from an 18 bushel bin into a trough.   The apples travel in the trough to the apple washer.   The cider apples are cleaned in the apple washer.
A conveyor belt transports the apples from the washer to the grinder.   The grinder crushes the apples into a fine pulp.   The pulp is then held in a stainless steel tank. See below for more information.

Below is a panoramic view of our cider operation. At the far left is the conveyor belt which transports the apples from the washer to the grinder. The red tank below the grinder holds the pulp. The pulp is manually transferred from the red tank to the hydraulic press. The pulp is wrapped in cheese cloth and stacked on plastic racks in the hydraulic press. As the cider is squeezed from the apple pulp, it is filtered and pumped into the stainless steel tank seen on the right. From this tank we bottle the apple cider. Our award winning apple cider is a unique blend of many varieties. In order to create a safe product and preserve its distinct flavor, our cider is treated with ultraviolet light. Freshly pressed apple cider is usually available after September 15th. Frozen cider is sold year round.

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