Brightonwoods Orchard was established in 1950 as a weekend retreat. Initially a hobby orchard, it grew from 3 acres to 18.5 acres, on 4,000 dwarf and semi-dwarf trees. Brightonwoods' emphasis is on preserving existing heirloom varieties and growing standard and newer commercial varieties.

A collaborative venture with AeppelTreow Winery began in 2001. The winery specializes in apple and pear fruit wines, hard ciders and dessert wines. An on-site distillery allows the winery to also produce special brandies and sorghum whiskey. 

Brightonwoods Orchard is located on one of Wisconsin's scenic Rustic Roads between Milwaukee and Chicago. It is immediately adjacent to the Richard J. Bong State Recreation Area, a managed prairie with hiking trails, campgrounds and visitors' center.